BrightSpring Health Services Recognizes its Valuable and Esteemed Female Leaders and Staff in Celebration of Women’s History Month

BrightSpring Health Services / March 21, 2024

This Women’s History Month, BrightSpring Health Services, Inc. (“BrightSpring” or the “BrightSpring Health Services”) (NASDAQ: BTSG) recognizes and celebrates the dedicated women who make up 80% of our Company and who continue to pave the way for our leaders of tomorrow.

“Women’s History Month is a reminder of all of the strong women that have created opportunities for us to have a voice at the table where decisions are made,” said Jennifer Parks, Vice President and Leader of StepStone Family & Youth Services, a BrightSpring company. “I am so thankful to work alongside such talented and dedicated women advocates and servant leaders.”

This year’s theme for Women’s History Month is ‘Women Who Advocate For Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,’ which recognizes women’s role in eliminating bias and discrimination from our lives, workplaces and institutions.

“This month we celebrate the female trailblazers, the history makers and the boundless innovators who had a vision and a passion that drove them to be extraordinary,” said Maria Schaefer, BrightSpring Vice President of Enterprise Talent Operations. “Women’s History Month reminds us that we all have it within ourselves to create positive change with an idea, a sense of adventure, and the courage to make the first step.”

This March and beyond, BrightSpring celebrates Women’s History Month and recognizes the importance of appreciating the women who have come before us and made our present possible, while investing in the success of the women who will be responsible for our futures.

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