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The Way We Lead / April 18, 2024

All Ways Caring HomeCare Caregiver Tanya McGuire has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Hamilton, MT.

Tanya won the 2024 ANCOR DSP of the Year Award for Montana. She currently provides care for two members of her community and is known to go above and beyond in her support of each client.

Building relationships is a priority for Tanya. She keeps her clients’ best interests at heart and encourages them to form connections with others. She also ensures her individuals receive additional essential services and get referrals for any medical issues that arise. If a client does not fully understand a service they are offered, Tanya works with them to ease the transition.

Recently, a good friend of Tanya’s was receiving services for a terminal illness. When his daughter could not be present, Tanya stepped up and stayed with him, so he didn’t have to be alone. She provides this level of dedication to each client, letting them know she is only one phone call away and will always be there for them.

Congratulations, Tanya! Thank you for maintaining strong Communication with the people you support. Your work keeping everyone in the know helps ensure that your clients receive a high quality of care and can live their best lives.


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