Earline Jackson – Michigan Direct Support Professional of the Year

Earline loves what she does, and it shows in the compassion that she displays while providing services to those we serve. She works hard to encourage her clients to meet the goals outlined in their plans of service and pushes them to always do the best they can.

Earline takes the time to show her clients how to do things independently. She will do hand-over-hand guidance if that is the client’s level of need but always gives them praise for their participation in the task. Her clients’ faces always light up when she walks into work. They barely give her time to clock in before they are all over her wanting her to help or to share on an event that happened in their life while she was away.

Earline excels in wound care. A client was having difficulty getting a wound healed in the apron area of their stomach. Earline cut pieces of cotton fabric into strips and showed her client how to place the cotton in the fold to help keep the wound dry to help speed up the healing process.

Earline encourages our clients to stay in touch with family. She will ask them, “Have you talked to your family this week?” If they respond “No,” she schedules a time during her shift to help them connect with their family.

Earline ensures that those she cares for have their needs met. She does it willingly and does not have to be prompted to get it done and is always willing to go the extra mile to help her clients find success. Sometimes, her clients have special requests and they will wait until she arrives to share their quests. She provides quality services with empathy and compassion all while demonstrating a great work ethic!

Earline works hard and does an excellent job of doing good in the lives of the people she serves. She is a valued employee with a long tenure. We have clients who have moved on and still call the program to speak to Earline. She is very experienced, and it shows in the exceptional service she provides. Earline works well with all levels of care and does it with a smile on her face.