Jacquelyn Evans – Alaska Direct Support Professional of the Year

Jacquelyn Evans, an all-around exceptional caregiver from Fairbanks, Alaska, has been helping people live their best life for more than 10 years! As a caregiver, Jacquelyn puts an emphasis on establishing meaningful relationships with every individual she serves.

For example, an individual with challenging behaviors refused to accept help, but Jacquelyn happily agreed to work with the individual. She got to know more about the client and began taking him on public excursions that sparked his interest. Within the first couple weeks of Jacquelyn’s assistance, the individual’s behavior and confidence had improved drastically.

Jacquelyn also encouraged and supported the individual to look for part-time employment, and a couple months later, he started a new job. The client was extremely grateful for Jacquelyn’s words of encouragement and constant support. Without her, he believes he never would’ve secured his job and newfound confidence. Jacquelyn changed the individual’s life in such a meaningful way!