Joanne Fortner – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Joanne is an attentive, generous caregiver with ResCare HomeCare in Peoria, Illinois, and she won her LEGACY of Care Award in the “E – Environment” category.

One of Joanne’s greatest qualities as a caregiver is her ability to keep a people-focused environment. In fact, this is something she’s been doing for 25 years now! Joanne establishes a meaningful connection with every individual she serves and does everything with their best interest in mind. Often, clients don’t have to ask Joanne for help with a certain task or activity because she’s always two steps ahead!

Recently, an individual moved to a new apartment and couldn’t get around well without extra assistance. Joanne noticed this was an obvious issue and, without hesitation, tackled it. She unpacked the remaining boxes and organized the entire apartment, all while cleaning – floor to ceiling.

Joanne also provided suggestions on where to keep and store items that would accommodate the individual’s needs. That way, when help (like Joanne) wasn’t there, the client could still get around the apartment with ease. Because Joanne was immediately willing to assist – ultimately creating a better home environment for the individual – she is now his/her preferred caregiver.

Great job, Joanne! Your ability to keep a people-focused environment, while jumping at opportunities to help people live their best life is what makes you, you!