Lafawndra Allen – LEGACY of Care Award-Winner

Lafawndra is an understanding and dedicated caregiver with ResCare HomeCare in Austin, Texas. And she has been a caregiver for over 25 years! Lafawndra won her LEGACY of Care Award in the “E – Environment” category.

Lafawndra’s ability to keep a “people-focused environment” is what helped her to become a winner in the E – Environment category. She is known to focus all her energy, day-in and day-out, on the individuals she supports. Whether it’s ensuring their home is clean, grocery shopping is complete or scheduling/transporting individuals to their doctor’s appointments – Lafawndra knows and understands the various pieces that complete the caregiving puzzle.

One of the vital pieces to caregiving is love – something Lafawndra is full of! For example, Lafawndra goes out of her way to make all individuals feel loved and appreciated. She takes everyone into the community and integrates them into everyday activities and adventures – like bowling, trips to the library, running around at the park or a simple night at home dancing in the kitchen while making dinner. In fact, most individuals consider Lafawndra family because she is consistently finding and spreading love, even in the simplest tasks or activities.

Thank you, Lafawndra, for spreading your love, keeping a people-focused environment and helping people live their best life!