Luisa Gallegos – Texas Direct Professional of the Year

The home in San Angelo, Texas, that site supervisor Luisa Gallegos is responsible for clients who are all medically fragile or have other critical needs. Luisa makes it a priority to ensure that their needs and wants are met, and she has made their environment a true home and not just a place of residence.

Luisa thrives on working with some of the most challenging individuals and situations. A client who had broken his tailbone was going to be released to a nursing home for skilled nursing. When a bed was not available for him, Luisa stepped up and took over his care. She worked morning and evening shifts for two months to ensure that he received proper care and rehab. Doctors were concerned that the client would be bed bound for the rest of his life. Because of Luisa’s patience and her daily work with him on his rehabilitation, the client is no longer bedbound and can move around independently in his wheelchair!

Luisa goes the extra mile with her staff and, even when short-staffed, she works miracles to make sure they receive days off. She is always in a good mood and shows up to work with a smile on her face. Luisa leads by example and has earned the trust of the individuals she cares for, her staff, and the organization.