Marquita Moore – Virginia Direct Support Professional of the Year

Marquita Moore of Richmond, Virginia, creates an environment that allows each individual to feel valued. As the lead staff on the overnight shift, she is often the first person sought for guidance.

Marquita shows those in our care how to see themselves clearly to discover things they might want to improve about themselves. This skill enables them to thrive in the program and succeed when they leave and go out into the world. She is supportive of their family relationship needs and counsels clients to improve and maintain healthy family relationships. Marquita supervises their phone calls with their approved family member contacts. She coaches clients on better ways to communicate and how to respond to conversations.

Marquita recognizes that those in her home require some normal activities to be happy. She has implemented outings to the salon and the mall and helped to decorate and personalize their rooms. These activities have improved their overall interactions, behaviors, overall mood, and self-esteem. Marquita and the other DSPs play a large role in teaching the individuals responsibility and how to succeed when they leave the program. Their success is evident when they leave the program with positive attitudes, newly learned healthy communication and respect for others.