Alexis’ Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / July 8, 2022

In St. Clairsville, Ohio, ResCare Community Living provides a “Youth in Crisis” respite program through a partnership with the local county board of developmental disabilities and the area’s mental health and behavior management agencies.

Alexis Moore received respite services through this program upon referral from the local mental health agency and cluster group. At the time of the referral, Alexis was at risk for juvenile residential placement due to self-harming behavior and her mother’s need for help parenting Alexis, given challenging instances. Alexis’ mother appeared defeated until Alexis started respite and began learning new coping skills through therapeutic mentoring. Through therapeutic mentoring, the team discovered that Alexis needed away from a close family member who had been potentially causing trauma to her.

“Respite is like my second home,” said Alexis. “The staff has always welcomed me with open arms. Everyone is open-minded, loving, and passionate about what they do. The staff has given me some of the best life advice I have ever received. They all care so much about every one of their work kids and treat them as if they were their children. Normally it takes me a while to be open and trust people, but it was different with the staff. I immediately clicked with each and every one of them. I feel like I could tell them anything and the best part is I know they will never judge me. I came here when I was going through the hardest point in my life, but while I was at respite, I could forget about everything going on in my life and have fun. Respite has changed my life for the better.”

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