BrightSpring Health Services Releases 2019 Quality Report

BrightSpring Health Services / December 11, 2020

BrightSpring Health Services released its Quality Report outlining the company’s clinical and quality results for all lines of business and the expansion of services made in 2019 to improve patient and client care, outcomes and safety.

The report details the merger with PharMerica and how the combination creates a unique opportunity to provide a full spectrum of services to high-cost populations like seniors and specialty clients and patients with significant, lifelong chronic health needs.

“We serve more than 350,000 clients and patients daily, with the majority having the highest level of needs and accounting for the highest costs in health care. Our unique platform offers multiple essential services that are all required to optimally and holistically treat an individual with high needs, significant acute and chronic needs,” said Jon Rousseau, BrightSpring’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “In 2019, we were able to show how investing in all aspects of the business – clinical, quality, technology compliance, advocacy, IT, and in our people with training and development – provided clinical and quality measures that exceeded national averages across all of our businesses.”


Community Living/Behavioral Health

Home Health Care






A Community Partner

See the full report here.


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