Austin’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / January 8, 2024

Executive Director Michael Shepherd met a client’s family during a Christmas party, and they shared the amazing success of their son, Austin Stump, since he was admitted to day services in July 2023.

Austin was previously in a different group home, and the family was not completely happy with this placement. They decided to bring him back home with a small budget to cover some behavioral supports, day services, and transportation, choosing ResCare to assist with these needs.

Austin is now thriving at day services. Day Services Manager Tricia Bautista (pictured at right) and her staff have gotten him engaged with the program and the community. They introduced him to bowling, and he loved it. Tricia then spoke with the family and got him involved with Special Olympics as well. Austin looks forward to it every week and is a pretty good bowler. The family never knew he would enjoy such things, and his grandfather has been taking him shopping for bowling equipment and practicing with him.

Later in the party, Austin’s mother approached Michael again and asked if ResCare provided waiver services for the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver for under 35 hours. He confirmed and explained the program a bit, and she asked him to help her find them on the pick list. Right then, she completed her pick list, choosing ResCare to have an even bigger role in her son’s life.

Tricia and her staff embrace their purpose to impact communities for the better while helping every individual live their best life, and this shows with stories like Austin’s.

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