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Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / June 24, 2024

Heather and Mitch Kozak are Shared Living Providers who joined Community Alternatives Nebraska in 2022. They have done an amazing job in assisting G’Henai in living her best life since December 2019. Both Heather and Mitch advocate for G, as she is known, in any and every way possible. They have taken G in as part of their family and are the most amazing and caring people.

G is a sassy 16-year-old girl who lives her life to the fullest every single day. She has overcome so much, but does not let any obstacles keep her down! She recently received a progressive genetic diagnosis, and her team and those around her have been focusing on enhancing her quality of life. Heather and Mitch have made adjustments as needed to assist G in retaining her ability to communicate her needs.

As her vision decreases, G is learning how to use a switch to communicate rather than the eye gaze she was used to before. Recently, Mitch’s family thought that G would benefit from having a service dog. They knew of a family in Oklahoma who had Goldendoodles and felt that one would be perfect for G. After hearing about this opportunity, Heather and Mitch discussed it with G’s doctors, who all agreed that she would benefit greatly.

The family made the trek to Oklahoma to see if G would connect with any of the dogs, and G found one that she bonded with instantly. A trainer works with them weekly, and Wrigley has already been cleared to be in public, which has helped G tremendously. G’s joy and light have not dimmed since having Wrigley in her life. She enjoys having a companion that is so bonded to her. He is able to help her relax, loosen her spasticity, and is being trained to alert for her medical needs as they arise, especially as she sleeps.

Wrigley has been a gift to G in more ways than one. Her medical providers are so excited for what he can offer her, and we are all so excited to see her light shine.

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