Lou Ann’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / April 30, 2024

Lou Ann Asbury is a ResCare client with cerebral palsy residing in Beckley, WV. She had a dream to attend the Jimmy Swaggart Revival in Baton Rouge, LA, and be able to walk on her own without her wheelchair.

Lou Ann was raised in the church and would attend regularly with both her mother and grandmother. She heard many stories about Jimmy Swaggart and the things God could do to heal people. Lou Ann felt like she needed to attend this revival in March 2024 so that she could also be healed. After mentioning this to her team, they set out to help her reach this goal and live her best life.

For many months, Lou Ann asked questions about the event and was worried it may not happen, but she kept faith in her team. Area Supervisor Megan Guire and Executive Director Cathy Redden spent several days researching hotel rooms, rental cars, and event tickets. Lou Ann is very reserved, so two of her favorite staff members, DSP Laura Jeffries and AMAP Jerry Moore, stepped up to go with Lou Ann to make her trip more comfortable.

The trio set out bright and early at 7 a.m. on March 28, as there was a preaching service later that night that Lou Ann did not want to miss. They drove across Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, finally arriving in Baton Rouge just in time for the first night service.

At the next evening’s service, Lou Ann was able to meet the pastor. She spoke with him, asking him to pray for her to be healed and to be able to walk on her own again. A group of people gathered and prayed around her. The strength and spirit inside Lou Ann allowed her to take steps on her own that evening for about five feet. This was amazing to Lou Ann, who felt God had touched her and helped heal her.

Lou Ann feels that by telling her story, she might be able to help others like herself, and this makes her happy. Once the group arrived home, Lou Ann began calling everyone and telling them how she could walk again and had been healed. With the help of many people, we were able to help Lou Ann accomplish her biggest dream and live her best life. Lou Ann says she had so much fun, was healed by God, and is ready to attend again next year!

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