Robert’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / April 5, 2024

Robert Snodgrass came to the Eddy Road ICF after more than a year in a nursing home. He wasn’t appropriately placed there and had been anxiously awaiting his return to a familiar ICF setting.

After he was picked up, Robert was so excited to go to his new home. The staff helped him unpack his belongings, and he showed them every piece of paper and treasure he owns. Robert immediately responded well to the other men in the house, and they love watching “Hee Haw” together.

Robert told the ED, Barbie, that he hated having a beard, but the nursing home wouldn’t shave him. The first thing we did when he arrived is get him cleaned up and clean-shaven. He has been rubbing his cheeks for days!

Robert loved attending the day program and wants to participate in every possible activity. He had a great time decorating Easter eggs recently! Robert has accepted us and his new home, and he recognizes how much he is loved and cared for.

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