Tristyn’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / November 20, 2023

Tristyn has been a resident with ResCare since May 2021, and we love her dearly. Since her arrival, and despite her challenges and limitations, Tristyn has shown us all that she is gradually overcoming each trial and obstacle.

Moving three times over the course of two years, Tristyn has finally settled in a stable environment at our Twin Lane group home. Displaying her true potential and personality, Tristyn has won over the hearts of teachers at her new school, her housemates, and all of her supporting staff.

Due to some of her diagnoses, Tristyn is challenged with the task of maintaining self-control, but she displays progress on a daily basis. While working on her goals, Tristyn has become more engaged and participates in fun activities alongside her peers. She enjoys baseball, dancing, and other fun outings that help develop her social skills.

To know Tristyn is to love Tristyn, and her smile and laugh will light up any room she enters. Since she arrived at our Clearwater group home, her presence has kept our staff on their toes and brought joy and happiness to those around her. It is a joy to have Tristyn as a part of the Twin Lane group home.

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