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Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / September 23, 2022

These are excerpts from a letter written on September 9, 2022, from Billie Gaines, mother of ResCare Community Living client Matthew.

My son has been a client of 24-hour care since 2019. ResCare continues to be our choice of provider.

My son started off with ResCare very sick and unstable. He has a diagnosis of Autism and treatment-resistant schizophrenia. Just that alone has caused more than 50% of every year spent in the hospital until we got with ResCare. Leah [Argenziano, ResCare Community Living Executive Director]’s disciplined attitude to always make me feel like my son comes first no matter the circumstances and always given us the chance to express our concerns in regards to any staffing concerns is remarkable. She is by far the most professional direct link to connecting people and families like my own to knowing that they can have great care even for a severely disabled person like Matthew.

Any time we would get discouraged due to the ups and downs of his living situation or the instability of his mental condition, Leah was always right there to assure me that there are no worries. We together will work everything out. I can’t express the confidence she has built in my family’s faith in the fact that Matthew can have an independent chance at life outside of a horrible world of feeling despair and hopelessness at what he faces ongoing everyday with his illness.

Matthew went from being in the hospital five times a month to not being admitted at all so far this year (knock on wood – LOL). Wow – was a life changing experience. I went from automatically receiving calls from Matthew’s caregivers thinking, “Oh no, what is wrong now?” to looking forward to the calls just to share with me that they were at the YMCA swimming and having fun and nothing was wrong!

I can actually work now knowing that Matthew is in the best hands he can ever be in (ResCare’s hands). What a blessing and life-changing experience this has been! I can honestly say I owe it all to us finding your company but mostly because you have… Leah when it comes to making a difference with your clients care that they receive that rises above all others. I do feel that Leah is the difference in your company. I have witnessed many situations where she instills value, morals, respect but mostly hope in her employees that overflows directly from her to the care they offer to their clients. She is a very good leader for your company. She definitely is an asset for ResCare but also for all the clients that are lucky enough to cross paths with her in their lifetime.

Thank you, Leah, for all you do and thank you for making ResCare a wonderful reliable company to count on when it comes to the best care providing company there is. I have told many people about ResCare and will continue to do so. ResCare has totally changed our lives and I will be sharing this with the consumer advocates along with every known entity that audits or reviews care provider companies.

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