PharMerica Leaders Quoted in McKnight’s Article “How to Do It…Forge Stronger Pharmacy-Nurse Ties”

Media Hub / March 4, 2024

PharMerica Chief Clinical Officer T.J. Griffin and Manager of Clinical Operations Matt Palmer were quoted in the McKnights Long-Term Care News article, “How to Do It…Forge Stronger Pharmacy-Nurse Ties.”

The bond between pharmacists and long-term care nurses is one of great trust and professional respect. It requires open, unfiltered and unfettered communication. And it feeds on reliability and teamwork. Experts focus here on this unique and very vital team inside nursing homes — one that is constantly tested by ever-changing rules and a fluid staffing dynamic in so many facilities.

“Through education, medication optimization and medication reconciliation, the consultant pharmacist is a vital expert the nurses can rely on to improve the care of residents, whether the consultant pharmacist is suggesting a transition off sliding scale insulin or other, often unnecessary, high staff impact treatments,” added Matthew Palmer, PharmD, manager of Clinical Operations for PharMerica. 

Both need to share and be partners in each other’s success, according to TJ Griffin, chief clinical officer at PharMerica. 

“It’s all about care, commitment and collaboration,” he said. “Both need to be able to achieve the same outcomes — clinically, quality-wise and financially.”

“It’s about rebuilding that collaborative relationship, getting back to the basics and ensuring they understand the technology they have at their disposal,” added Griffin.

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