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Community and Rehab Care - Neuro Rehabilitation / December 12, 2018

Former naval officer Jordan Lo was interviewed by a local CBS affiliate, KPHO-TV about his horrific accident and how SWAN Rehab – a BrightSpring Health Service’s brand – helped him on his road to recovery. Jordan suffered from a traumatic brain injury due to the accident. Doctors told him he would be on a ventilator for the rest of his life and would never walk again. Refusing to let this life-changing injury define him, Lo is defying the odds, with the help of SWAN’s team of clinical therapists and specialists.

“I’m on a mission right now and that’s to regain my life and career back,” Lo said defiantly. “I’m blessed with this opportunity to still achieve my dreams, achieve the life I want and there’s no way there’s anything that’s gonna stop me.”

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About Rehab Without Walls Neurosolutions and SWAN Rehab
As part of the BrightSpring Health Services family of brands, Rehab Without Walls (RWW) helps brain injury, spinal cord injury and stroke patients by blending scientifically backed rehab protocols with the patient’s real-life activities to deliver better results during the recovery journey and into the future. SWAN Rehab provides RWW clients with physical, occupational, and speech therapy, along with comprehensive vocational rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, Parkinson’s wellness recovery, stroke support and multiple sclerosis therapy.

About BrightSpring Health Services
BrightSpring Health Services is the new name for Kentucky-based ResCare, the parent company of a family of brands and services that provides both clinical and nonclinical habilitative care services for people of all ages and health and skill levels, across home and community settings. BrightSpring is one of the largest providers of diversified home and community-based health services to complex, high-cost populations. Its primary businesses include: behavioral health (including autism services), home health care (including personal care, home health, and hospice), neuro therapy, and job placement and vocational training, supported by pharmacy and telecare ancillary technologies and services. These businesses employ more than 45,000 dedicated team members in more than 40 states and provide services to more than 2 million people annually.

BrightSpring Health Services is focused on providing quality and lower-cost outcomes to challenging, high-cost and must service populations, through best-in-class services and technology innovation. Our Connected Home care model is an industry-leading approach to the future of health care services to achieve strong quality and compliance while also driving efficiency and cutting waste. Our care professionals work in thousands of communities across the United States. Founded and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, we have been making a difference in people’s lives and communities since 1974 – providing home and community-based health services to complex populations and helping people live their best life.

(Photo Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

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