Tanya McGuire – Montana Direct Support Professional of the Year

Media Hub / April 3, 2024

All Ways Caring HomeCare caregiver Tanya is outstanding and known for always going above and beyond for her clients. She cares for her mother and two other members of her community and works to build relationships that last a lifetime.

Tanya always has her clients’ best interests at heart and advocates for them. She has helped them receive other services and get referrals for medical issues. When clients are given services they don’t understand, Tanya assists and advocates for them, especially when she feels they should be receiving additional services.

Recently, a good friend of Tanya’s who was terminally ill was receiving services. When his daughter couldn’t be there, Tanya stayed with him so he wouldn’t be alone. This is a perfect example of the type of person Tanya is. Her clients know she’s one phone call away, and she makes sure they know she’s always there for them.

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