Phillip Kibbat – Florida Direct Support Professional of the Year

Phillip Kibbat has been helping people live their best life for the past 10 years in Clearwater, Florida, and he has an award-winning attitude as a direct support professional (DSP). Phillip is so in-tune with the individuals he serves, he can predict their next move and immediately notices when someone isn’t feeling well.

Every morning, Phillip holds “current event sessions” for the individuals of the program. During this brief session, he will share positive, real-world stories during which he encourages the individuals to interact or relate to the story. This simple task has allowed all the individuals to feel a sense of belonging, and a willingness to get involved with the world around them.

Phillip has touched so many lives throughout his caregiving career. So much so, that all the individuals who work with Phillip adore him and consider him family. They look forward to his “good morning” greeting every day. And anytime Phillip goes on vacation, the clients ask the supervisor on duty when he’s supposed to be back – numerous times a day! Phillip was also a BrightSpring LEGACY of Care award-winner in the A – Attitude category.