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The Way We Lead / March 20, 2023

All Ways Caring HomeCare Branch Manager Tawana Pryor has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Moses Lake, WA.

Tawana is the winner of All Ways Caring’s Leader of the Year Award for the West Division. In 2022, Tawana demonstrated selfless leadership and took initiative to help others when needed. She is currently overseeing an additional location besides her own until an additional Branch Manager is recruited. The other office is two hours away from her home branch and requires a significant time and travel commitment. She has successfully guided both teams while also assisting with training at even more locations.

Tawana is committed to her employees and increased her employee base by 1.5% in 2022, ensuring more individuals can receive the support they need. Executive Director DeLynn Barnett says, “We have very few complaints that come into this branch. If there is a complaint, Tawana is quick to respond and resolve it.” Her dedication to quality resulted in scores of 100% for Administrative Review, Client Record Review, and Quality Review.

Thank you, Tawana, for your expansive Leadership. Your commitment to leading branches other than your own is greatly appreciated. Congratulations!


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