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The Way We Lead / December 19, 2022

Braley & Thompson Direct Support Lead Jermaine Carter has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Dunbar, WV.

Jermaine works hard to make sure the clients under his care are safe and well supported. “He creates a joyful, creative environment that allows youth to be themselves… so they feel more at home when he is there,” says Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) for Charleston, WV, Mikhaela Young.

Jermaine takes initiative to be present every day for both clients and coworkers. Mikhaela says Jermaine exemplifies several leadership qualities, including “active listening, hurdle help, active support to both youth in care and other Direct Support Professionals, and he maintains a positive attitude in some of the most difficult situations.” He is also quick to engage in team discussions and show up to team meetings, forming a positive environment for his coworkers in addition to the youth in their care.

Jermaine exemplifies many LEGACY values that make him an integral member of his team and a great example for those around him.

Jermaine, thank you for your commitment to fostering a welcoming Environment for everyone around you.


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