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The Way We Lead / October 31, 2022

Onco360 Pharmacy Director Ariel Zlicha is Working Smart and Doing Good in New Hyde Park, New York. Ariel is the winner of the 2022 Specialty Solutions People award, which honors a results-oriented leader demonstrating exceptional measurable performance in the area of people.

Ariel has been with Onco360 for one year. In the short amount of time that he’s been with the company, Ariel has led his team through record-volume dispensing days in 2021, with over a 35% growth as dispensing jumped 64% from 225 per day to 350 per day.

He led the effort to revamp the clean room processes to ensure the safety of his employees and patients throughout the COVID-19 spikes, and he personally stepped up to support the organization’s business priorities and growth by expanding his pharmacists’ licensing and his personal licensing in nine additional states in the last five months so that the New Hyde Park pharmacy could maintain state shipping licenses, enabling business growth.

“Ariel has increased employee retention and engagement by effectively onboarding more than a dozen new employees and incorporating our mission, vision and values into his leadership style,” said Onco360 President Randy Falkenrath. “He is an example to us all!”

Congratulations, Ariel, for your incredible accomplishments in your first year with Onco360! You are an Example!


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