ResCare Community Living – Eunice Karanja

The Way We Lead / July 2, 2024

ResCare Community Living Site Supervisor Eunice Karanja has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Phoenix, AZ.

Eunice has shown exceptional dedication and compassion towards a resident of her group home who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her unwavering commitment to ensuring the comfort, well-being, and emotional support of this individual has highlighted her as an example for others.

Eunice has taken the time to understand the client’s unique needs, preferences, and concerns since his diagnosis, tailoring the care she provides to better support his comfort throughout his cancer journey. Recognizing the importance of specialized care for individuals with cancer, Eunice has also sought out training opportunities for herself and her staff.

Additionally, Eunice has prioritized maintaining open and constant communication with this individual’s family. She understands the role they play in his healing process and ensures they are kept informed about his progress and involved in all decision-making steps.

Eunice, your empathy and care for your client demonstrate your commitment to a people-focused Environment. By taking initiative to further the knowledge and training of your team and keeping everyone required in the know, you have shown your passion for helping those around you live their best lives.


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