Tim Flesner – Nebraska Direct Professional of the Year

Site supervisor Tim Flesner is a strong advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Tim strives to promote the clients he supports to achieve their highest potential. The men in his care have high behavioral needs and, to minimize negative behaviors, he focuses on positive interactions and expectations, to keep them engaged.

Tim provides a voice for his clients and advocates against medicine being the first line of treatment for negative behavior. He attends all psychiatric medical appointments to give and receive first-hand knowledge to better provide solutions. For example, once Tim suspected that a non-verbal client’s physical appearance and behavior was due to a medical issue. Following several doctor visits and tests where he was told nothing was wrong, Tim persevered until they discovered the client had a heart condition. Without Tim’s perseverance and involvement, his condition could have gone undetected and caused further damage.

Tim encourages his team of DSPs to reach their fullest potential. Because of his leadership skills, his staff is very devoted and loyal. The average tenure of DSPs at his location is 17.4 years!