Axxess and OnePoint Patient Care Announce Product Integration for Pharmacy Benefit Management Services

Media Hub / October 23, 2023

Axxess and OnePoint Patient Care announced the integration of Axxess Hospice and OnePoint Patient Care’s Pharmacy Benefit Management platform. This integration will help alleviate administrative burdens, increase nurse satisfaction, improve retention rates and provide better patient outcomes.

“We are excited to partner with OnePoint Patient Care to provide our hospice clients with a seamless experience to manage pharmacy needs,” said Tim Ingram, Executive Vice President of Interoperability at Axxess. “This integration is a testament to our commitment to building meaningful connections with industry partners to provide innovative solutions that help grow their business and deliver better outcomes.”

The software integration enables hospice organizations to manage pharmacy needs in three major areas: patient updates, medication updates and CMS medication data. Axxess clients can also use OnePoint’s full continuum of pharmacy services, enabling them to select any combination of pharmacy services without changing providers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Axxess to provide their users with the best-in-class PBM services,” said Jeff Hohl, CEO at OnePoint Patient Care. “This integration will provide Axxess users the comprehensive set of tools they need to deliver quality patient outcomes and seamlessly move between platforms to meet patients’ needs.”

This integration is available to Axxess clients who use the Axxess Hospice platform.

View the full release here.

About OnePoint Patient Care

OnePoint Patient Care is the nation’s leading provider of community-based hospice pharmacy and pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services offering hospices nationwide flexible and adaptable solutions for their hospice pharmacy needs. OnePoint fills prescriptions, creates custom compounds and formularies, provides home deliveries and manages pharmacy benefits for more than 45,000 patients per day. Through its Concierge PBM, Next Day Valet mail order and Direct Express local services, OnePoint serves more than 550 hospice programs and is available in 50 states.

OnePoint was one of the first pharmacies to begin serving the hospice industry when the Medicare hospice benefit began in the 1980s. Today, OnePoint has grown to be one of the leading national hospice pharmacies with 24 regional pharmacy locations strategically located throughout the United States. For additional information on what one can do, visit or call (866) 771-OPPC.

About Axxess 

Axxess is the leading global technology innovator for healthcare at home, focused on solving the most complex industry challenges. Trusted by more than 9,000 organizations that serve more than 5 million patients worldwide, Axxess offers a complete suite of easy-to-use software solutions that empower home health, home care, hospice, and palliative providers to make healthcare in the home human again. Multiple independent certifications have confirmed that Axxess has the most secure and industry-compliant software available for providers. The company’s collaborative culture focused on innovation and excellence is recognized nationally as a “Best Place to Work.”

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