Neurorehabilitation Patient Shares His Neurorehabilitation Journey at the Brain Injury Association of America Annual Conference

Community and Rehab Care - Neuro Rehabilitation / October 1, 2023

Former Rehab Without Walls patient Colman O’Connor shared his neurorehabilitation journey during the 2023 Brain Injury Association of America annual conference.

In October 2022, Colman suffered a series of strokes due to a blood clot and was in a medically-induced coma for three weeks. When he initially started rehabilitation, he struggled even to lift a finger.

Colman underwent intensive outpatient therapy with Rehab Without Walls, which included speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Almost a year after his strokes, he has regained many of his abilities and is working towards goals like returning to work and driving.

He credits the intensive therapy and support he receives with his progress.

Read Colman’s full story here.

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