Brandi’s Story – An Update

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / February 13, 2023

Brandi came to Creative Living Services (CLS) three and a half years ago. She was very weak and unable to walk due to a prior illness and long hospital stay. At one point, she was even on hospice. Upon moving into 135th, she immediately bonded with one of her housemates. Her mother said it was the first time she has seen her have a real friend. They spend every day with each other and have even gone on vacation together.

Brandi has overcome so many health obstacles and illnesses. Her health has improved dramatically since coming to CLS. She had infections on a regular basis that hindered her progress, but she is making strides with the great care from her staff and family. Brandi now only uses her wheelchair when in the community and walks with staff assistance every day. Brandi constantly shows us how strong she is, and her family is thrilled with her care. She is a great asset to the family at 135th!

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