Jason’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / February 3, 2023

In August, Jason Cross’s annual IDT was held. At that juncture, he mentioned to his team that he would like to go to a concert. He was afraid of how his team would react considering the name of the band he wanted to see was named the “$uicideBoy$.” Jason was surprised to learn that members of his team had heard of the lesser-known hip-hop duo from Louisiana.

With his team agreeing that he could attend the concert, the hunt was on for tickets. As it turned out, the closest venue for him to attend was in Pittsburgh, PA, and it was less than a month away. Tickets were difficult to come by initially, but that didn’t stop our team from searching each day until we were able to secure them.

As the date grew closer, Jason informed us that he had never gone to a concert before, and he was nervous not knowing what to expect. Jason chose one of his regular staff members to accompany him because they also enjoyed the band, and since they have been to concerts before, they could help him. Jason made a point to thank anyone who was involved with trying to help get him to the concert as often as possible.

When the day arrived for him and his staff to go to the concert, he was riddled with excitement. The next day he made a point to have his staff bring him to the office and so that he could once again thank everyone who played a part in ensuring that he was able to attend his first ever concert.

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