BrightSpring’s Jon Rousseau Named Global CEO of the Year

BrightSpring Health Services / April 19, 2019

BrightSpring Health Services is proud to acknowledge that President and Chief Executive Officer Jon Rousseau was named CEO of the Year at the Business Transformation and Operational Excellence World Summit.

CEO of the Year

BrightSpring and Rousseau earned the distinction over five finalists and hundreds of nominees for the global award. The finalists represented private and public-sector communications, healthcare, production and technology organizations. All were recognized for implementing operational excellence programs that delivered outstanding business results and transformations. The focus of this elite award program is to demonstrate to the global business community and respective organizations real results achieved through the successful implementation of innovation and process excellence in an organization.

“This is a great achievement for our company that reflects the ongoing leadership and efforts of everyone. We work in challenging industries that have much opportunity, and we are always striving for improvement, quality and operational excellence for all of our stakeholders in everything we do, every day,” said Rousseau. “This distinction certainly culminated through a collective team effort. To see our advancements and leadership recognized validates the importance we’ve placed on our vision to deliver optimal solutions and improved outcomes in an integrated way in the community, as well as on our mission to help people live their best life.”

BrightSpring’s Advancements

Since being named President and Chief Executive Officer in October 2016, BrightSpring has realized continuous progress and change underpinned by many advancements in field operations and corporate functions. The company has built upon its legacy while focusing on having strength in people and innovating in process and technology to deliver valuable community health solutions to complex populations that improve outcomes and lower costs for payer systems.

BrightSpring continues to advance its position in the industry by expanding services that are necessary to facilitate a complete ecosystem of care, including daily support services, pharmacy and clinical services. Over the past several years, the company has deepened its pharmacy and clinical service offerings (including in autism, neuro rehabilitation, home health, hospice, etc.) and made significant investments in its people, process and technology in serving the largest, most complex and highest-need populations in U.S. healthcare. This has produced tangible improvements and results in quality and operational and cultural measures, reinforced by an outcome-based, clinical and lean approach overall.

On March 5, it was announced that BrightSpring officially merged with PharMerica, the largest independent institutional, community and closed-door pharmacy company in the U.S. Together, the company will serve more than 300,000 people a day across 47 states as the leading comprehensive health services provider to both behavioral and senior populations as well as other specialty populations. The company is focused on delivering community-based, integrated care through a unique set of complementary services that address primary healthcare challenges and opportunities related to outcomes, cost and customer satisfaction.

About the BTOES Awards Program

The BTOES awards program began in 2006, as the Global Lean Six Sigma Awards and took place in conjunction with the Global Lean Six Sigma and Business Improvement Summit. It quickly became the industry’s most prestigious program. BTOES took over the elite awards program and elevated it into the new age of operational excellence, focused not only on Lean Six Sigma and incremental improvements at the operational level, but also strongly aligned with strategy execution, value creation, customer experience and business transformation to create a new vision for the future. To read more about BTOES and the awards program click here.

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