Direct Support Professionals Awarded 2022 National Home Care Aide Scholarship

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / December 14, 2022

BrightSpring is proud to announce that three employees are the recipients of the $1,000 2022 National Home Care Aide Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded by The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC), in partnership with CellTrak, and was created to recognize home care aides who are vital to the industry.

Jeanne Hudson | ResCare Community Living – Site Supervisor | Appleton, WI

Jeanne’s passion for ensuring the needs of all individuals are met was immediately noticed by all her co-workers. When an opportunity came for Jeanne to take the supervisor role, each one of her co-workers endorsed her promotion.

Jeanne has taken the lead in demonstrating teamwork and always puts the needs of her staff and those she serves before her own. She has worked long hours to re-organize binders and living spaces. She knows the needs of each individual she supports and can answer any question, about any person, at any time.

Jeanne looks for ways in which individuals can soar in their homes and communities. Recently, Jeanne explored and found day-long bus trip excursions for individuals to participate in, providing them an opportunity to explore in a safe and engaging environment.

Jeanne’s fun-loving personality is one that everyone wants to be around. She is a huge asset to the team, from her silly string party ideas to her advocacy of more serious needs, such as following through with medical appointments. She truly cares about all people. Her willingness to learn new things and do them right speaks volumes of her character. Jeanne is one to always put her own needs to the side to meet the needs of others.

Angel DeJesus | ResCare Community Living – Residential Manager | Mt. Laurel, NJ

Angel has worked across several programs during his seven years with our agency. He easily builds relationships with service recipients and co-workers alike. One of the reasons Angel has been so successful in this area is that he is an active listener and works to understand what makes others happy and motivated.

Angel is the first to jump in when work needs to be done, quickly responds to professional communications, and exemplifies reliability. When the agency transitioned from paper documentation to an electronic health record system of documentation, Angel was an early adopter of the new process.

Co-workers applaud Angel for his great listening skills, which are an important component of leadership. He consistently meets paperwork and other deadlines and is always ready to lend a hand to peers and others to alleviate staffing and other operational challenges. Angel works many hours to support the program and maintain a high standard of care. His positive attributes contributed to Angel’s earning a promotion to Residential Manager. Even in this role, Angel routinely works in coverage at his group home and is the first to volunteer for various agency assignments. His actions demonstrate the true meaning of servant leadership.

Raymond Hoover | ResCare Community Living – Direct Support Lead | Greencastle, IN

Raymond works incredibly hard with every one of our 20 clients at the home. He knows each client’s plan and gives praise and positive attention for each attempt the client makes on a task. Raymond follows each client’s behavioral services plan and lavishes praise for a client’s good decisions instead of focusing on the poor ones. He goes out of his way to instruct and teach new skills at an appropriate level for each client and encourages each client to set high standards because he knows they can reach them.

Raymond leads by example and maintains a positive attitude, even amid non-preferred behaviors. He regularly picks up shifts to support clients and staff by assisting with daily tasks and event planning.

Raymond consistently receives praise and thanks from staff and clients for going the extra mile to assist with client care. He truly does all he can for the clients who need the most understanding and support. The clients who are the most aggressive and the hardest to work with are the ones that Raymond enjoys, and he knows that when they succeed in life, it is his success too.

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