Aamer’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / August 28, 2023

Aamer Naji moved into the Capovilla home in February 2021 after his family experienced difficulties with his behaviors and excessive elopements. He also had diabetes that was reaching life-threatening levels due to his food-seeking behaviors. Aamer would eat any food he could find, which was dangerous with his history of inconsistent blood glucose levels. Aamer’s family decided it would be best if he could be placed somewhere that could provide more oversight with the goals of decreasing his behaviors and reducing hospitalizations due to blood sugar.

Since moving to Capovilla, his diabetes has remained under control and his food-seeking behaviors have significantly decreased. Elopements have not occurred in over a year and his independence has skyrocketed. Aamer will now assist staff in making healthy meals that he can eat without risking hospitalization.

Aamer loves to help with cleaning the house while singing the theme song to one of his favorite shows, Scooby Doo. He likes people with brown eyes, but will quickly tell you he loves blue eyes more. He is the first to ask if he can help and is extremely protective of his roommates. Aamer has a lot of energy and can often be found taking a walk outside with staff. He is definitely not shy and introduces himself to any visitors at the home. There is never a day that Aamer doesn’t find something to be happy about, and his infectious smile and laugh show it.

The House Manager and her team have been instrumental in finding creative ways to help Aamer achieve his goals. He enjoys planned outings, including bowling, shopping, and watching light shows during the holiday season. Because of Aamer’s increased independence and growth over the past year, he is looking forward to attending a new program where he will learn new skills. He ultimately wants to work at his favorite restaurant Burger King.

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