PharMerica President featured in Skilled Nursing News

Media Hub / August 28, 2023

PharMerica President Jennifer Yowler was featured in Skilled Nursing News and discusses how the long-term care pharmacy provider is helping facilities thrive in today’s environment as the industry continues to undergo unprecedented changes.

Skilled Nursing News: Inflation and rising operational costs are causing some facilities to shutter or close wings. How is PharMerica is helping clients to lower or contain pharmacy spend?

Cost containment is a vital aspect of ensuring a skilled nursing facility’s financial health and, consequently, the well-being of its patients. While many focus solely on reducing the initial medication costs and negotiating lower prices, our approach goes beyond contractual considerations. Our goal is to explore lower-cost alternatives that maintain equal efficacy, optimize medication usage in terms of dosage and duration, and design specific interventions based on our clients’ referral sources’ prescribing trends.

Dealing with medications involves numerous variables and choices, making a one-size-fits-all approach impractical. That’s why we take a personalized approach, collaborating closely with our clients to tailor cost-containment strategies that prioritize both quality and affordability. By analyzing their history and physicians’ prescribing patterns, we develop customized solutions based on their unique circumstances and other relevant factors. Additionally, PharMerica’s local teams work closely with skilled nursing facilities, providing valuable insights and support for their cost containment goals on the ground.

Our ultimate aim is to drive positive outcomes and empower facilities to succeed. By achieving these goals, we know we’ve fulfilled our mission.

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