Tommy’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / March 13, 2023

The following was written by ResCare Community Living Regional Vice President Tamie Barta.

Tommy Haggerman moved four times in the past two years before settling in at ResCare Goodland and finally finding his happy place. He has gone from metro to rural in Kansas and is finally home.

When we talk about purpose and acceptance, we speak about needing a daily drive to be happy and needing others to accept us as we are. Tommy is now happy and thriving, with a girlfriend and a safe home of his own.

His infectious smile and cool demeanor will brighten anyone’s day. There is nothing better than to see someone get the opportunity to live their best life, and I am so grateful to witness that through Tommy.

Thank you to ResCare Goodland for accepting Tommy for who he is and helping him live his best life.

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