Emily Conant – Michigan Direct Support Professional of the Year

Media Hub / March 29, 2022

Emily Conant has a can-do attitude and is great at encouraging those she supports. She is their biggest cheerleader as they work to achieve their goals and her positivity resonates with them. Two individuals in her program completed several of their goals in just under a year.

Emily makes sure to treat all people in her program equally and adds an element of fun and humor, which everyone appreciates. She turns on the radio and plays music in the home, and they dance and sing and have a great time.

Emily embodies respect and never allows an individual’s words or actions to sway her from treating them kindly. She respects their property and space and understands that this is their home and treats it as such. She truly helps them to be as independent as they can be.


Emily Conant Receives Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

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