Hope’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / May 2, 2023

Hope Fuller lives with seven clients at the Buckridge ICF home in Evansville, IN. She and her roommates are involved in several community events together. They have shared many memories and are excited to make more.

“My name is Jillian Hope Fuller, but everyone calls me Hope. I am 19 years old and attend Bosse High School. I am very fortunate that my parents are my biggest advocates. They are both very supportive and keep me involved in new and exciting activities.”

“One of my recent achievements was getting to play the violin with the University of Evansville orchestra. I attended practices and met many wonderful people. I really enjoy being the center of attention and making people smile and have a good time. I enjoy trying new activities and staying busy. I have a very good life and I am lucky to have friends and family to support me in my many activities.”

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