Jennifer’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / October 17, 2022

These are excerpts from a letter written on May 31, 2022, by Roy Fleisher, father and legal conservator of ResCare Community Living client Jennifer Fleisher.

My Jenny has required full-time care her entire life. This has led me on a long and miraculous journey of meeting some of the most kind and loving people on Earth. In 1998, we were informed of the opportunity for Jenny to move… [into] a large facility with a long history of providing kind, loving care to the brain injured and impaired. The staff quickly “fell in love” with Jenny and gave me the confidence she would be well cared for. In 2007, the company made a brilliant decision to purchase homes in the surrounding area and convert them into care homes. This provided more personal care for residents and better working conditions for care providers. [This]… has been Jenny’s sanctuary ever since.

My words fall short to describe the kind and loving staff who watch over and care for my Jenny. They are very much like family to me. We have wonderful communication. The detailed level of care Jenny receives is amazing. I am kept informed and in touch with all aspects of Jenny’s care and life. I give thanks every day for each and every one of these angelic beings who choose to provide care to those of us who cannot care for themselves.

So, for this precious place, filled with these precious people, who watch over my Jenny, I am eternally grateful.

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