Luann’s Story

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / October 6, 2022

These are excerpts from a letter written by Mary Bartosh, sister and guardian of ResCare Community Living client Luann.

Choosing a residential care facility for a loved one who has severe disabilities and communication challenges can be a daunting assignment. Fortunately for our family, finding… ResCare for my sister, Luann, (aka “The Princess), has been a godsend. For over three decades, Luann has received excellent care and services as a resident of a nursing licensed ResCare home for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults.

The quality of life that Luann enjoys is enhanced by the well-trained and qualified staff who daily care for her. Not only are Luann’s medical and physical needs professionally tended to, but every effort is made to assure that her personal preferences – soft pink pillows, the Disney channel, Diet Coke, and ice cream – are always available! I could not ask for a more caring and competent staff and administrative team to oversee Luann’s needs.

As a family member who has experienced the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our Princess is in an environment that fosters dignity and respect for each person, I highly recommend the outstanding services that… ResCare provides.

Over the years, the consistency of care has been so reliable and every attempt is made to constantly improve and implement best practices. All those at… ResCare who commit themselves to serving and caring for Luann and her fellow residents with such dedication and competency will always have my admiration and unending gratitude.

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