PharMerica Director of Clinical Services Discusses Alcohol Use in Long-Term Care Communities

Media Hub / January 13, 2023

In the Caring for the Ages article “Alcohol Use in Long-Term Care Communities: Juggling Choice and Safety,” PharMerica Director of Clinical Services Stephen Creasy talks about the many factors that need to be considered with alcohol use and medications in long-term care communities. “Depending on factors such as the volume or frequency of alcohol intake, the effects can vary. Some interactions can happen quickly — as soon as someone has one drink. Other interactions may take longer to appear,” said Dr. Creasy. In general, however, he suggested, “think of alcohol as a drug — a chemical that has an impact on various systems when it enters the body.”

Dr. Creasy said, “You can work with the pharmacist to look at a patient’s regimen and potential interactions with alcohol. They can look for possible therapeutic alternatives or other ways to alter medication regimens.”

Click here to read the full article. Caring for the Ages is the official newspaper of AMDA.

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