PharMerica, NADONA Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship Recipients Announced

Media Hub / May 7, 2023

The National Association Directors of Nursing Administration in Long-Term Care (NADONA/LTC) announced the winners of its Stephanie Carroll Memorial scholarships. The Stephanie Carroll Memorial Scholarship Awards are in memory of Stephanie Carroll, a long-time valued NADONA/LTC employee. The scholarships are intended for nursing students enrolled in an accredited nursing program or in an undergraduate program who have chosen long-term care or geriatrics as their practice area after graduation.

Sherrie Dornberger, RN, Executive Director of NADONA, stated, “We are so proud to partner with PharMerica for over 10 years to award these scholarships to deserving members of our CAREFORCE!! With the severe shortage of CAREFORCE staff, we need to encourage and reinforce the importance of supporting them to achieve their highest potential to assist and care for the residents, their families and loved ones who depend upon us and our well-trained and educated staff!”

Lisa Bowen, PharMerica’s Vice President of Marketing, stated, “We are honored to support the advancement of nurses with these scholarship awards. The tireless dedication and compassion of those who choose long-term care as their profession directly translates into driving quality outcomes for facilities and helping residents live their best life. We wish the award winners the best in their educational and professional pursuits and thank them for their commitment to some of our country’s most vulnerable.”

The 2023 recipients and their award amounts, paid directly to their college/university to assist with their nursing education, are:

Nicole Matheu – $5,000
Anna Christenson – $2,500
Sharda Shangroula – $2,500
Julianna Adams – $1,000
Crystal Case – $1,000
Mindi Estes – $1,000
Martha Kaniaru – $1,000
Jillian Paulk – $1,000
Catherine Rodriguez – $1,000
Kathleen St. Jacques – $1,000
Lauren Stroup – $1,000
Tionne Tucker – $1,000
Theresa Wertz – $1,000

Award winners were required to complete an application that included their university information as well as a narrative describing why they are seeking their degree and how receiving this scholarship will enhance their nursing practice. Selection is made by a committee that is composed of NADONA/LTC members.


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