ResCare Community Living Helps a Mother’s Child Live His Best Life

Community and Rehab Care - Community Living / June 20, 2019

ResCare Community Living employees support individuals daily by providing personalized care – focusing on the individual’s health and well-being. We believe we make a difference in the lives, not only of the individuals we serve, but also the families and loved ones who might not be equipped to provide care themselves.

Our goal is to ensure every individual we serve receives the right care at the right time, in the safest environment possible. With that said, Community Living team members in Corpus Christi, Texas, made a lasting impression on a mother who reached out to help her son live his best life.

After a negative experience with another company and trying everything she could to care for her son at home, the mother contacted the team for assistance earlier this year. After only a few months, the mother wrote a letter to our dedicated team members, stating how she truly appreciates everything they’ve done to ensure a smooth transition in care.

The mother specifically thanked Executive Director Julia Purcell for the positive reassurance she gave her throughout the entire process.

“Julia, the lady who loves her job and makes sure everyone is accountable, took the time to reach out to me,” the letter reads. “From lengthy phone calls to honest answers, she has been very real – which is something I truly appreciate.”

The letter also praises Area Supervisor Steven Valdez, when discussing her son’s improved daily living situation. Steven kept her in the know at all times through consistent communication – asking questions, problem solving and making the necessary adjustments to ensure the program truly fit her son’s needs.

“You have to have a passion to do this work, I know,” she wrote. “I am his mom and it is hard. Thank you.”

In closing, the mother said, “not only has this group allowed my son to have a more independent life, it has also allowed myself more peace of mind knowing he is in good hands. I am very happy we made the decision to be a part of the ResCare family.”


About ResCare Community Living
Founded and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ResCare Community Living has been dedicated to positively impacting individuals and communities for more than 40 years, achieving quality outcomes at home or in a homelike environment since 1974. Support is provided to adults and children who need assistance with daily living due to a developmental, cognitive or intellectual disability through comprehensive IDD and community services.

ResCare Community Living also partners with people in the community who open their homes to individuals with disabilities and assists families by providing adoption and foster care services. With the goal to be a provider-of-choice in the development of unique and proprietary service offerings and technologies – the company is working toward innovative care models and leading health outcomes with states and payers.

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