Cottonwood Drugs Employees Assist Community Ravaged by Wildfires

Serving Our People and Community Highlight / October 18, 2018

October is American Pharmacists Month, and it’s a great time to highlight our Cottonwood Drugs employees in wildfire-ravaged Redding, California, who came to the aid of community members during recent evacuations! New to our family of services, Cottonwood Drugs joined the Pharmacy Alternatives (PAL) family earlier this year.

General Manager Brian Christopher was driving to an evacuation center when he heard a radio call-in show sharing fire information. Brian called in to say his team could help. Soon word reached four nearby evacuation centers and fire officials. Brian and his team shuttled medicines and evacuees in delivery vehicles. They filled prescriptions for individuals and for facilities that had to evacuate clients. Cottonwood Drugs extended its weekend hours during the emergency, providing essential medicines in the community, where thousands had to flee.

“Not only did they take care of their own customers and clients, but they were willing to help the community, even for facilities where they weren’t contracted,” said PAL California Director Sailesh Patel. “They did a fantastic job.”

Lead pharmacy tech Alicia Walker was on the phone with evacuation centers and fire battalion chiefs; she was among about six employees working tirelessly through the crisis.

Meanwhile, Brian and several employees were also fire evacuees. That’s where the PAL family across the country stepped up! They sent clothing, diapers and baby formula, enough that the PAL evacuees could share excess supplies back to the centers.

“We’re new to the PAL family, so these were people we haven’t even met supporting us. Real people looking out for us,” Brian said, adding that it was welcoming and overwhelming “to be part of something that has that level of support.”

This is an incredible example of going above and beyond. Thank you, PAL teams, for the difference you are making in your communities and your selfless support of members of the PAL family!


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