ResCare HomeCare Employees Ensure Client Safety During Hurricane Florence

Serving Our People and Community Highlight / November 7, 2018

In September, Hurricane Florence swept through the East Coast and severely damaged North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The storm produced heavy rain along the coastal areas, causing widespread flooding. Florence reportedly dropped 30-40 inches of rain, making it the wettest tropical storm recorded in the Carolinas and the eighth wettest in the United States.

BrightSpring had a number of ResCare HomeCare facilities in the affected areas. Most major roads and highways were impassable and property and businesses were damaged beyond repair. In the midst of the hurricane devastation, ResCare HomeCare employees stepped up to ensure clients were safe during the chaos of the storm evacuations and the flooding aftermath.

Branch Manager Matt Fetter tirelessly delivered water and supplies to clients in need in Wilmington and Kinston, North Carolina. When Matt shared ResCare HomeCare’s emergency plans with the Veterans Affairs office, officials said they were proud to partner with such a caring organization.

“Matt led his team impeccably and took care of clients in a caring a respectful manner,” said Traci Moss Holloman, executive director in North Carolina.

During the storm, Branch Manager Zandra Smith’s natural leadership abilities were evident as she took great care to make sure that all clients in Nags Head and Elizabeth City, North Carolina were safe. When a caregiver was unable to reach a client due to the disaster, Zandra took it upon herself to go out to the client’s house to make sure she was cared for during the storm.

“Zandra truly exemplifies leadership, and it shows in her results,” said Moss. “All of our teams were truly remarkable in the face of such adversity.”

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