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The Way We Lead / November 13, 2023

In honor of Nurse Practitioner Week, we’re learning more about our team members as they share why they love working in the profession.

Abode Care Partners Nurse Practitioner Makayla Bullock has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Winchester, KY.

When Makayla began her nursing career, she set a goal to eventually become a nurse practitioner. She says, “I knew in my heart that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of my patients, but not just from a physical standpoint. I wanted to also incorporate their emotional, spiritual, psychological, and social health.”

Recently, Makayla had a patient with dementia who would frequently ask for her son, but he was in rehab and not able to visit with her. Makayla made a call and was able to get him a day pass, resulting in a wonderful and much-needed visit for both of them.

Another one of her recent residents was in short-term rehab after a knee replacement, and Makayla learned she had just lost her husband of 60 years. Through support, encouragement, therapy sessions, and many talks with Makayla, this patient was able to return home recovered and with a more positive outlook.

Abode Care Partners VP of Operations Penny Logan says, “Makayla immediately brought a collaborative attitude and quality patient care to her facility when she joined Abode Care Partners in 2022. She not only hit every goal and benchmark on quality within a week, but exceeded them all. We are honored to have Makayla in our Abode Care Partners family.”

Makayla, thank you for being You and setting an example as a nurse practitioner. Your holistic approach to care and compassion for others helps all of your patients to live their best lives.


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