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The Way We Lead / December 20, 2021

PharMerica Pharmacy Director Alex Cruz is Working Smart and Doing Good in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

When the COVID-19 vaccines were first being rolled out for distribution, pharmacists in Florida were required to take a Pharmacist Immunization Administration Certification class and enter into a protocol under a licensed supervisory practitioner.

Finding a physician for the role was a challenge, but Alex took action and located a physician to supervise administration not only in Ft. Lauderdale but for all PharMerica’s pharmacists across the state who were applying to become immunizers. To ensure everyone was in the know, he also created vaccination clinic reference binders and distributed them to his team.

“Alex’s servant Leadership allowed more pharmacists to help their communities
with vaccine clinics,” shared Consultant Pharmacist Jennifer Negrón, PharmD. “We are all
extremely grateful for his efforts!”

Well done, Alex. You Got Going! to ensure Florida pharmacists were in compliance
to provide vaccinations for the communities they support.
Thank you for leaving your LEGACY.


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