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The Way We Lead / October 4, 2021

Equus Workforce Solutions Instructor Jonathan Childs is Working Smart and Doing Good by helping job seekers in South Central Connecticut gain the skills they need to be work-ready.

In his role at the New Haven One-Stop, Jonathan displays his can-do Attitude while leading job seeker orientations and workshops, including Career Accelerate, Talent Market, The Academy/LinkedIn Learning, and Job Club. “Since

we started offering Job Club virtually, we get over 70 job seekers a week, which is much larger than we could ever facilitate in our offices,” said Project Director Pamela Tonello. “Jonathan and his colleagues have made these Job Clubs very engaging and interactive with breakouts, employer sessions, and helpful job-seeking tips. The majority of the positive feedback in the Legacy in
Action surveys mention him by name.”

One of the participants had such a great experience that she sent a letter
explaining how Jonathan’s advice helped her find a job. She said, “Since
completing the Career Accelerate course, I have put into practice Jonathan’s
advice on resumes and cover letters, revising and adapting these documents for
three specific positions so far… [The] course’s emphasis onnetworking and
jobs-not-advertised has given me the confidence to reach out to people in ways that
I had not done in the past.”

Thank you, Jonathan, for knowing your business, and instilling confidence in your
job seekers. Keep up the great work!


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