AT Home Care – Lucas Trunkle, Alberto Lee, and Julie Saccogna

The Way We Lead / November 27, 2023

AT Home Care Occupational Therapist Lucas Trunkle, Physical Therapist Alberto Lee, and Speech-Language Pathologist Julie Saccogna have been Working Smart and Doing Good in Fredericksburg, VA.

Recently, Lucas, Alberto, and Julie had a profound impact on a patient who experienced a major stroke in December 2022. The patient’s husband recalled, “She was bedridden and couldn’t get up to go to the bathroom or take a shower. She was totally dependent on me, and I had to carry her everywhere she went. It took two of us to put her in the car to go to doctors appointments.”

This changed when Lucas, Alberto, and Julie arrived. They had a positive attitude from the start, which motivated their patient to reach her goals. Julie immediately started assisting with her speech, and soon, the patient was able to have her feeding tube removed. Within a few weeks, she was eating normally again and Lucas had her left arm moving and working.

Alberto took on the challenging task of helping the patient walk again. They made slow progress through various exercises, and Alberto provided constant encouragement and reassurance. After months of work and continued guidance from Alberto, Lucas, and Julie, their patient is now able to walk, shower, cook, and drive a car again. The patient’s husband said, “Without these people, I believe she would have been bedridden with a feeding tube for the rest of her life.”

Lucas, Alberto, and Julie, thank you for your advocacy and teamwork. Your Communication and ability to work as a team is essential to your patients’ progress. Thank you for helping others live their best lives.


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