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The Way We Lead / June 26, 2023

BrightSpring Health Services Neuro Rehabilitation Recruiter Eleazar Juarez has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Dallas, TX.

Eleazar joined BrightSpring nearly two years ago and works on a team where each recruiter has a targeted goal. They recruit for a number of hard-to-fill roles such as physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and nurses. Our head of Talent Operations, Maria Schaefer, says, “Eli is one of our top-performing recruiters who consistently exceeds the monthly target.”

One initiative Eleazar started is making handmade wooden pens, which he hands out to Pate Rehabilitation’s new hires as a way to welcome them to the company. He says, “I hope the employees feel this is a more personal touch and brings about a connection with our new team members.” Eleazar believes that sharing the small gift of a hand-lathed pen can set the mentality for new hires to find moments of fulfillment within their own lives, like he does when creating the gifts.

Eleazar, thank you for your thoughtfulness and compassion that you demonstrate to others through your work. Your generosity creates a people-focused Environment that makes our new hires feel welcomed and appreciated.


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