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The Way We Lead / June 22, 2023

PharMerica Pharmacy Operations Manager Cuihong Leung has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Fresno, CA.

Cuihong has worked with PharMerica for nearly four years, and her quick, innovative thinking consistently helps her team become more efficient.

The PharMerica operation was recently tasked with tracking the output of prepacked, fast-moving drugs. At first, the technicians were logging the information by hand on paper forms before inputting the information into a spreadsheet. Cuihong developed a better system to streamline this process. Pharmacy Technician Supervisor Kandi Owen said, “Cuihong saw the possibility of using QR code technology in our job. She developed a QR code that has allowed us to track our prepack meds and complete the task within seconds.”

The new system Cuihong developed is quicker and easier. It allows the technicians to focus more on their output rather than the paperwork while still maintaining consistent and accurate documentation. Cuihong successfully found a way to adapt, significantly improving the workflow.

Cuihong, your Attitude and ability to see the possibilities has benefited your team and allowed them to help more people live their best lives. Thank you for your commitment to assisting those around you and making sure everyone can be successful.


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