Pate Rehabilitation – Sandra Mojica

The Way We Lead / June 15, 2023

Today we recognize Pate Rehabilitation Admissions Manager Sandra Mojica, who has been Working Smart and Doing Good in Dallas, TX.

Sandra thrives on teamwork and constantly stresses the importance of employees supporting each other to provide the best care for their patients. She leads by example, always ready to work with her team and challenge them in different situations.

Sandra is approachable and creates an environment of transparency around her with an open-door policy. This has built trust in the organization and allows Sandra and her team to keep everyone in the loop while working more efficiently overall. Clinical Liaison Niral Patel says, “She is always willing to hold herself accountable and expects integrity as well as a high standard of care from both herself and the rest of her team.” Her constant communication and can-do approach enables Sandra to provide the best day-to-day experience for her team, her patients, and their families.

Thank you for being You, Sandra! You know how to set an example for others and exhibit each LEGACY value in your work. Thank you for all that you do to help people to live their best lives.


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